My Pal


This was a tough week for me and my family.  We lost our buddy Donner to cancer.  It was a very aggressive lymphatic cancer that was only diagnosed a week earlier.  He deteriorated very quickly and was brave and loving through it all.  

Donner was a special friend from the beginning.  He was born on the millennium and was the most loyal companion anyone could ever hope for.  He had a wonderful life full of unconditional love and we will miss him dearly.

Donner’s life has spanned the best times of my life thus far.  In these brief 10 years I married the woman of my dreams, became a Dad to 2 wonderful girls and later had our son together.  Donner and Blitzen were there throughout our life changes and are a significant part of our family. 

 In an almost unreal turn of events we had to take Blitzen to the emergency vet last night for what they are treating as Pancreatitis.  She is on iv’s because she cannot have food or water while her enzymes stabilize.  She is expected to make a full recovery and we hope to be able to pick her up Sunday morning.

She will also miss her brother and best friend.

We love you Donner