prepare for a portrait session

Some people can be a little un-easy about getting their picture taken by a photographer. There are a variety of personal reasons one could feel that way. I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be, nor should it be a bad experience. A good photographer understands that their primary responsibility is to make this a great experience - even more important than the final product delivered to the client.


Trust is very important aspect of a photo session. You and the photographer should have the same goals and be comfortable with each other. Hopefully this is a relationship that will last well beyond your session.


Once in the studio or on-location you shouldn't have to worry about much. This is where the photographer typically leads the effort of working through different set ups, lighting, posing, etc. But, this is a collaboration so don't be hesitant to be a participant in the creative process. I love it when a client gets into the event and suggest some interesting ideas. To help ensure a great experience there are some things you can do ahead of time to minimize any stress. Just some basic things to think about and do before a photo shoot.



  • Contact the photographer prior to the event
  • Go over the anything special you have in mind.
  • Confirm date, time and location.

Rest up

  • Get a good night’s sleep, we all look better when we’re rested and looking fresh

Pick out your wardrobe in advance

  • You don’t want to scramble through your closet the day of the shoot Ask for ideas from the photographer.
  • Generally, more solid garments photograph better than a busy outfit.

Bring what you need

  • You may need to freshen up make-up or even your hair.
  • Consider you might be changing clothes, will you need different accessories?

Allow more time than expected

  • You will have a rough idea on the length of the session. But free up more time on your schedule in case you run over. You don't want to feel rushed towards the end - especially if things are starting to really click. A good photographer isn't watching the clock during the shoot and will take as much time needed to get those special images.


  • Nothing to be nervous about, this will be a lot of fun. So prepare a little, relax and enjoy the moment.